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AKC Limited Registration

All animals sold by britishlabradors.com are done so by AKC Limited Registration.

This means no offspring of these animals can be registered with the AKC, effectively meaning the animals can't be bred unless done so in partnership with BritishLabradors.com.

The intent of this policy is essentially fourfold:

1) To remove our animals from the rampant "backyard'' breeding mentality that in our estimation has so contributed to the decline of many field breeds, including the American Labrador.

2) To allow us to continue our focus on developing dogs for our primary customer base: individuals and families who wish to own Labradors that are a joy to live with and hunt over. To that end:We do not sell to people who want to breed their animals. We do not sell to commercial breeders or kennel operators.

3) To prevent breeding dogs who carry genetic recessive abnormalities. See our DNA Genetics page for more information.

4) To protect our business interests.

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