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Game Finding Ability

Because British field trials are held on large estates, during actual shoots, dogs are required to retrieve both dead and crippled game. In some instances, retrieves of the latter can extend for many minutes while dogs track blood scent to find wounded pheasants, partridge, woodcock, hares or rabbits.

American field trials and hunt tests, on the other hand, almost uniformly used dead game or game that has been shot dead. Consequently, emphasis on a dog's nose often is sacrificed, a leading contributor to what many observers believe has been a decline in the scenting ability of American Labradors.

British Labradors are judged during trials on their style while afield retrieving game in the uplands. The British like a free-moving retriever, athletic and lively, with its nose held tightly to the ground, in search of game.

This is another reason the electric collar is not used in England, for whatever its benefits in increasing control of an animal, the collar often dampens a dog's style afield.

In selecting its breeding stock, BritishLabradors.com places a strong emphasis on game-finding ability, and matches this quality with a pleasing temperament, producing an animal that is at once productive and easy to control.

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