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Male or Female?

Many people have longstanding preferences for either bitches or dogs. Others wonder which would be best for them.

We recommend that britishlabradors.com customers consider a variety of factors when making their choice:

1) Size: Our males will average, as adults, between 71 and 75 pounds. Females will average a few pounds either side of 55 pounds.

2) Disposition: We consider sex to be a neutral consideration when choosing our dogs. It is true that many prospective customers come to us believing a female will be easier for them to "control." We believe that to be a valid consideration when purchasing an American-bred Labrador. But we are extremely cautious when choosing which of our animals to breed. Our experience is that britishlabradors.com males are just as kind and controllable as our females.

3) Hunting ability: No difference here. Males, given their larger size, necessarily are stronger animals. But females can be every bit as effective in the field.

4) Family makeup/children: In some instances, if small children are in a family, size of a pet can be a factor. The chance that a small child might accidentally be brushed and knocked down, albeit (hopefully) gently, is greater with a larger animal than with a smaller.

5) Habits specific to the sexes: Females allowed to roam in yards will urinate on lawns, in some cases burning the grass. Males instead cock their legs and their adverse effects on lawns are less. Some males also tend to roam more than females if given a chance. Neutering can mitigate this in some instances.

6) Neuter/Spay: Males can be neutered and females spayed with no adverse effects on their working abilities or personalities. But metabolisms of certain individual animals may slow as a result of these procedures, requiring a closer watch of their food intake to prevent weight gain. Advantages of neutering or spaying your animal nevertheless outweigh disadvantages.

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